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EDA-011 on sale Intel (ALTERA) FPGA Cyclone 10 LP USB-FPGA board


The EDX-011 series is a USB-FPGA board that does not require a dedicated download cable. Dedicated software " BBC[EDA-011] "

  • FPGA configuration
  • Writing to the configuration ROM

Is possible. No dedicated download cable is required. (*)

No paper manuals are attached to this product. Please download from the support page

FPGA overview10CL01610CL04010CL05510CL08010CL120
Logic Elements15408396005585681264119088
Memory: M9K (kb)5041134234027453888
18 x 18 Multipliers56126156244288
Maximum user I/O pins(Device)340325321289277
Maximum user I/O pins(Board)100100100100100

For details of the FPGA outline, see the Intel (Altera) Cyclone10 page .

  • Equipped with Intel (Altera) Cyclone 10 LP FPGA 10CL016YF484, 10CL040YF484, 10CL055YF484, 10CL080YF484 or 10CL120YF484
  • USB 2.0 port allows USB communication with PC
  • USB 2.0 port allows FPGA configuration and config ROM operation
  • FPGA configuration via USB Configurable
    via JTAG
    Dedicated configuration software " BBC[EDA-011] " can be used
  • Pull out 100 I/Os externally (CNA:50, CNB:50)
  • Separated I/O power supply (VCCIO) (CNA = 3.3V, CNB = external input)
  • 5.0V single power supply operation
    Generate 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.2V on board

  • 50 MHz (LVTTL) with on-board clock
  • External clock input possible

  • MT25QL128ABA with configuration ROM (Micron, 128Mbit)
  • Built-in SDRAM (Alliance, 256Mbit)
  • Equipped with SPI-Flash memory (Micron, 128Mbit)
  • General-purpose switch mounted x2 (DIP x1, Push x1)
  • General-purpose LED mounted x2
  • Status LED (CONF_DONE, blue)
  • 6-layer board adopted
  • Built-in reset circuit for configuration
    CNACNBA board
    MAX 48.6mm
    MIN 40.4mm
    MAX 58.4mm
    MIN 48.6mm
    • Not all I/Os are LVDS capable
    • The user should consider each I/O standard based on the FPGA data, etc.
  • Board size: 54mm x 86mm Credit card size Same size as ACM-0 series , same pin layout
  • RoHS compliant
  • The product does not include self-study texts or samples
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  • Block Diagram

As FPGA Intel (Core Version abc variable Altera) is a company of high-performance FPGA, page of Cyclone10 equipped with (F484). As a USB interface, a FTDI Hi-Speed ​​compatible USB chip ( FT2232H ) is installed, enabling high-speed communication with a PC.

It has the same board size as our ACM-0 series and operates with external input power (DC 5.0V) or USB bus power.

 Configuration can be done without a development environment, so it can be conveniently used for inspection jigs and educational applications.

Please use our dedicated configuration software " BBC[EDA-011] ". Since the code is open to the public, you can freely modify it to suit your needs.

* For JTAG-specific operations (Signal Tap, etc.), a corresponding dedicated download cable is required separately.