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Purchase Q & A

  • icon-q Q:Do you agree NET terms?

    We would prefer to advanced payment for the first transaction. Currently our NET terms is only suitable for our regular clients, wish your understand.

  • icon-q Q:Could you provie the manufacturer COC?

    COC could be provided for some parts, but there is no COC for this one. How about the COC issued by our company?

  • icon-q Q:What’s your warranty / return policy if the part can’t be used?

    On our usual practice, we offer the warranty of 60 days. In case of any rejected happended in 60 days, please return to us with formal test report. The parts should be the same as we shipped you. It will be refused to be returned if the parts are damaged or stained with tin on them.

  • icon-q Q:Can you provide us some trade references?

    Please understand that the trade reference is our confidential document and we can not offer it easily. Maybe i can apply for it if you willing to do advanced payment.

  • icon-q Q:Can you provide the picture of the part?

    To our much regret, we can not offer the picture due to the lead time of 2 days. If you won’t mind, we can offer the picture for your reference before shipment, ok?

  • icon-q Q:What is your payment method?

    As to the payment, we can accept both TT in advance and PayPal online for your option.

  • icon-q Q:May i have some samples first?

    Of course, we can first send a few pieces of samples for your evaluation purpose.

  • icon-q Q:Are you authorised agent or distributor?

    We are independent distributor, but all of our parts are from reliable source.

  • icon-q Q:What’s your shipping method?

    We can offer DHL / UPS / FEDEX / EMS / TNT etc international express for your option.

  • icon-q Q:We pay test fees once pass, however, once rejected, will you pay the test fees?

    To our much regret, on usual practice, the test fees should at buyer’s loss regardless of pass or not.

  • icon-q Q:Can you give us better price?

    In fact, we quoted you the rock-bottom/bottom price at the first time. So, i am afraid that there is little scope for the further reduction of price.

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