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Intel ALTERA-ACM-114 on sale Intel (ALTERA) FPGA Cyclone 10 LP FPGA board

Intel ALTERA-ACM-114 on sale Intel (ALTERA) FPGA Cyclone 10 LP FPGA board
ACM-114 is an FPGA board equipped with Cyclone 10 LP FPGA, which is an FPGA from Intel (Altera).
No paper manuals are attached to this product. Please download from the support page
FPGA overview10CL01610CL04010CL05510CL08010CL120
Logic Elements15408396005585681264119088
Memory: M9K (kb)504126260305432
18 x 18 Multipliers56126156244288
Maximum user I/O pins(Device)340325321289277
Maximum user I/O pins(Board)128128128128128

For details of the FPGA outline, see the Intel (Altera) Cyclone10 page .

  • Equipped with Intel (Altera) Cyclone 10 LP FPGA 10CL016YF484, 10CL040YF484, 10CL055YF484, 10CL080YF484 or 10CL120YF484
  • 3.3V single power supply operation
    Generates 2.5V and 1.2V on board
  • User I/O: 128 (CNA:64 + CNB:64)
  • Configuration ROM: EPCQ16A or EPCQ32A (Intel, 16/32Mbit)
  • On-board clock: 50MHz (can be supplied externally)
  • Connector for JTAG
    Download cable 10-pin socket
    compatible with various USB Blaster
  • General-purpose LED x2
  • General-purpose switch mounted x2 (DIP x1, Push x1)
  • Equipped with SPI-Flash memory (Micron, 128Mbit)
  • Status LED: CONF_DONE (blue), POWER LED (red)
  • Built-in reset circuit for configuration
    CNACNBNumber of mountable
    terminators for LVDS
    A board
    MAX 27.6mm
    MIN 17.5mm
    MAX 45.4mm
    MIN 35.5mm
    (See drawing)
    • Not all I/Os are LVDS capable
    • The user should consider each I/O standard based on the FPGA data, etc.
  • 8-layer board
  • Board size: 54mm x 43mm Half card size
  • RoHS compliant    

  • Block Diagra
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