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XCM-026 series on sale XILINX Spartan-7 FPGA board (5V input/output)

The XCM-026 series is an FPGA board equipped with Spartan-7 (FGGA484) , an FPGA from XILINX . You can use it for evaluating and prototyping Spartan-7. level converter compatible with 5V is mounted on the I/O part, so you can connect to the 5V system with confidence. Input and output can be switched for each level converter.
XCM-026Y equipped with 5V compatible bus switch with level shifter  
is also available.
FPGA overviewXC7S50XC7S75XC7S100
Logic Cell52,16076,800102,400
Max Distributed RAM (kb)6008321,100
Max Block RAM (kb)2,7003,2404,320
DSP Slice120140160
CMT (MMCMx1+PLLx1)Five88
Max user I/O (Device)250338338
Max user I/O (Board)100100100

Please refer to the page of XILINX Spartan-7 for the details of FPGA outline .

  • Equipped with XILINX Spartan-7 FPGA XC7S50-1FGGA484C, XC7S75-1FGGA484C or XC7S100-1FGGA484C
  • Built-in power
    supply circuit required for 5V single power supply operation Built-in power
    supply sequencer (at the time of turning on )
  • Abundant I/O externally drawn (100)
  • Equipped with 5V level converter in I/O block
    Controllable every 8 bits (4 bits in part)
  • On-board clock
    50MHz (LVTTL)
  • Configuration ROM
    Quad SPI ROM: MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT (Micron, 128Mbit)

  • FPGA with 7-pin JTAG connector configuration
    JTAG Buffer circuit to configuration ROM realizes stable download
  • General-purpose LED x4
  • Push button switch x1
    • DIP switch x1bit
  • Reset function for configuration
  • 6-layer board adopted
  • Board size: 54mm x 86mm Credit card size
  • RoHS10RoHS compliant

  • Block Diagram