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Intel FPGA(ALTERA) Arria 10 GX FPGA board on sale ACM-116L

By Altera
The ACM-116L series is an FPGA bread board equipped with Arria 10 GX , which is Intel 's high-performance FPGA . It has a simple function in a half-card size.

It can be used for evaluation and prototyping of Arria 10 GX.

No paper manuals are attached to this product. Please download from the support page.
FPGA overview10AX01610AX02210AX02710AX032
Logic elements (LEs)160K220K270K320K
Adaptive logic modules (ALMs)61,51083,730101,620118,730
ALM registers246,040334,920406,480474,920
M20K memory blocks440588750891
M20K memory size (Mb)9111517
MLAB memory size (Mb)
Variable-precision digital
signal processing (DSP) blocks
18 x 19 multipliers3123821,6601,970
Peak fixed-point peformance (GMACS)3434201,8262,167
Peak floating-point performance (GFLOPS)140172747887
Maximum user I/O pins(Device)288288384384
Maximum user I/O pins(Board)128128128128

Please refer to Intel Arria 10 GX website for detailed FPGA outline

  • Equipped with Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA
    • 10AX016E4F27E3SG
    • 10AX022E4F27E3SG
    • 10AX027E4F27E3SG
    • 10AX032E4F27E3SG
  • 3.3V single power supply 1.8V, 0.9V, 1.03V, 1.35V generated on board
    *Power supply for I/O (VCCOA/VCCOB) must be supplied from CNA and CNB
  • Configuration ROM: MT25QU256
  • On-board clock: 50MHz, 100MHz (CMOS), 100MHz (LVDS)
    can be supplied externally
  • High speed transceiver evaluation
    Tx/Rx pair is pulled out to each connector (CNA/CNB) and
    equipped with reference clock (125MHz)

  • DDR3L SDRAM installed (Micron, 4Gbit MT41K512M8DA-107:P (512M x 8)
  • Connector for JTAG
    Download cable 10-pin socket
    compatible with various USB Blaster
  • General-purpose LED x2
  • General purpose switch x2
    Push button switch x1
    DIP switch x1
  • Status LED: CONF_DONE (blue), POWER LED (red)
  • Built-in reset circuit for configuration
  • User I/O: 128 lines (CNA: 64 lines / CNB: 64 lines) The
    CNA and CNB I/O power supplies (VCCOA/VCCOB) are separated and must be supplied externally. It supports voltages up to 1.2V, 1.25V, 1.35V, 1.5V, 1.8V.
    CNACNBA board
    MAX 25.7mm
    MIN 21.6mm
    MAX 21.2mm
    MIN 17.1mm
    • Not all I/Os are LVDS capable
    • The user should consider each I/O standard based on the FPGA data, etc.
  • 10 layer board
  • Board size: 54mm x 43mm Half card size
  • RoHS10RoHS compliant