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XCM-026 series on sale XILINX Spartan-7 FPGA board (5V input/output)

By Xilinx
The XCM-026 series is an FPGA board equipped with Spartan-7 (FGGA484) , an FPGA from XILINX . You can use it for evaluating and prototyping Spartan-7. level converter compatible with 5V is mounted on the I/O part, so you can connect to the 5V system with confidence. Input and output can be switched for each level converter.
FPGA overviewXC7S50XC7S75XC7S100
Logic Cell52,16076,800102,400
Max Distributed RAM (kb)6008321,100
Max Block RAM (kb)2,7003,2404,320
DSP Slice120140160
CMT (MMCMx1+PLLx1)Five88
Max user I/O (Device)250338338
Max user I/O (Board)100100100

Please refer to the page of XILINX Spartan-7 for the details of FPGA outline .

  • Equipped with XILINX Spartan-7 FPGA XC7S50-1FGGA484C, XC7S75-1FGGA484C or XC7S100-1FGGA484C
  • 5V single power supply operation Built-in power
    supply circuit required inside
    Power supply sequencer installed (at the time of turning on )
  • Abundant I/O externally drawn (100)
  • Equipped with 5V level converter in I/O block
    Controllable every 8 bits (4 bits in part)
  • On-board clock
    50MHz (LVTTL)
  • Configuration ROM
    Quad SPI ROM: MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT (Micron, 128Mbit)

  • FPGA with 7-pin JTAG connector configuration
    JTAG Buffer circuit to configuration ROM realizes stable download
  • General-purpose LED x4
  • Push button switch x1
    • DIP switch x1bit
  • Reset function for configuration
  • 6-layer board adopted
  • Board size: 54mm x 86mm Credit card size
  • RoHS10RoHS compliant