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Xilinx PLCC68 Spartan-3AN FPGA Module

By Xilinx

XP68-02 offers you useful 68pin PLCC FPGA module of Xilinx high performance FPGA Spartan-3AN.

It's very compact size so you can use XP68-02 in universal board by using PLCC socket.XC6VLX550T-1FF1759I Only one 3.3V single power supply is required. There are 50 user I/Os divided into two Vcco groups, an oscillator and LEDs on it. Spartan-3AN FPGA family has integrated In-System Flash memory for itself configuration.

Top Side

Bottom Side

With PLCC socket



  • Xilinx XC3S200AN-4FTG256C
    System Gates200
    Logic Cells4,032
    Maximum Distributed RAM Bits28
    Total Block RAM Bits288
    Maximum user I/O pins(Device)195
    Maximum user I/O pins(Board)50
This table is for reference. Please refer to official datasheets for certain information.
  • PLCC 68pin package
  • 3.3 V single power supply operation with on-board 1.2 V regulator
  • Separable VCCO (VIO(A) and VIO(B))
  • On-board Oscillator, 50MHz
  • One User Switch (Slide x1)
  • Two User LEDs (Red)
  • One Status LED (Config Done:Green)
  • Power-on Reset IC for stable FPGA configuration
  • High quality six layers PCB(Immersion gold)
  • Compact PLCC size 25.3 x 25.3 mm
  • Tested all I/O
  • RoHS compliance