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ACM-029 Cyclone III 240pin equipped (5V input/output) breadboard

By Intel (ALTERA)
Cyclone III is no longer supported from Intel (ALTERA) development tool Quartus II Ver14.0.
Ver13.1 is available.

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FPGA function overview
Features of the Cyclone III FPGA device family
Logic Elements15,408
Number of memories (K bits)504
M9K Blocks56
Maximum user I/O pins(Device)346
Maximum user I/O pins( Board )100
Global Clock Networks20

 Equipped with FPGA EP3C16Q240C8N
 100 I/O can be used
■ 5V compatible level converter (74LVCC3245) is installed
 Basically, input/output can be switched every 8 bits (FPGA control)
 JTAG connector
  download cable Various
  USB Blaster etc. corresponding 10-pin socket

 clock source
 30 MHz
 configuration ROM
  M25P16 (Micron, 16Mbit)
 reset signal configuration
 status LED
 universal LED: 2 pieces
 universal switch: 1
 power circuit
 5V single One power supply (Built-in 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.5V generation circuit required inside)
 6-layer board adopted
Board size: 54mmX86mm Credit card size RoHS compliant

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Block diagram

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