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USB-FPGA board with XILINX Kintex-7 FPGA (USB 3.0 Super Speed)

Xilinx FPGA board EDX-009 is a USB-FPGA board with a USB3.0 interface. USB3.0 is equipped with FTDI's FT600 . It also has FT232H for FPGA configuration The FT600 is FTDI's new USB-compatible device that supports SuperSpeed.
 As the FPGA, Kintex-7 , which is a high-performance FPGA from XILINX , is installed.  With the free software " BBC[EDX-009] ", you can configure the FPGA and write the configuration ROM using only the USB cable. * ) Since the configuration can be performed without the development environment of Xilinx, it can be conveniently used for inspection jigs and educational purposes. Since the source code of free software is open to the public, you can freely modify it according to your needs.

FPGA function overview
Logic Cell65,600162,240
Max Distributed RAM (kb)8382,188
Max Block RAM (kb)4,86011,700
DSP Slice240600
CMT (MMCMx1+PLLx1)68
Max user I/O (Device)300400
Max user I / O ( Board )100100
 ■XILINX company Kintex-7 XC7K70T-1FBG484C or XC7K160T-1FBG484C mounting
 possible ■ PC and USB communication through the USB port, USB3.0 correspondence due to the FT600
 can be the PC and the USB communication by ■ USB port, support USB2.0 due to FT232H
 ■ FPGA configuration via USB Configuration
    is also possible via JTAG
 ■ Abundant I / O is pulled out externally (100)
    CNA: 50 (High Range) Vcco = 3.3V
    CNB: 50 (High Range) Vcco = 3.3V ( External input possible)
 ■ Onboard clock
    general purpose: 50MHz (LVTTL), 200MHz (LVDS)
    External input possible (CNA / CNB)
 ■ DDR3 SDRAM installed (Micron, 1Gbit)
    (Large capacity device installed: Custom-made available)
 ■ Configuration ROM
    Quad SPI ROM: N25Q128 (Micron, 128Mbit)
    ISP is possible from iMPACT
 External DC5V or 3.3V operation ( it does not work only with USB cable )
    Onboard 1.0V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 3.3V power supply equipped
    power supply sequencer equipped ( (At the time of     turning
 on ■ Reset circuit for configuration
 ■ 7-pin JTAG connector
 ■ Status LED (POWER, DONE)
 ■ General-purpose LED x2
 ■ General-purpose switch x2
    Push button switch x1
DIP switch x1bit
 ■ Adopts 8-layer board
 ■ Credit card size XCM-0xx Same size as series , same pin layout     54mm x 86mm (excluding protrusions)  ■ The product does not include self-study texts or samples.

 RoHS compliant

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Block diagram