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MAX7192S 160PinQFP equipped with breadboard

MAX 7000 is no longer supported from Intel (ALTERA) development tool Quartus II Ver13.1.
Ver13.0 SP1 is available.
  equipped with a EPM7192SQC160-15
  100 pieces of I / O external drawer
  clock circuit
   EXO-03 (72KHz, 18.432MHz) ← important : EXO-03 is Disukon is difficult to obtain now.
   It may be deleted from the specifications. (We have some stock for ACM-003) After
   EXO-03 is abolished, it will be switched to 18.432MHz crystal oscillator, so it is not recommended to use 72KHz
  General-purpose LED (also used as input jumper)
  4-layer board adopted
  5V single power supply
  Credit card size
   54mmX86mm  Programming ISP connector ( 10-pin JTAG socket )  3.3V regulator and reset IC option can be mounted 
MAX7192S 160PIN CPLD board ACM-003-7192