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FPGA board with XILINX FPGA Artix-7

FPGA overviewXC7A200T
Logic Cell215,360
Max Distributed RAM (kb)2,888
Max Block RAM (kb)13,140
DSP Slice740
GTP Channel (Device)16
GTP Channel ( Board )Four
Max user I/O (Device)500
Max user I / O ( Board )296

See the XILINX Artix-7 page for an overview of FPGAs .

  • Equipped with XC7A200T-1FFG1156C
  • User I / O:
    29 6 IOA (CNA connector): 64 Vcco = 3.3V
    IOB (CNB connector): 64 Vcco = External input
    IOC (CNC connector): 84 Vcco = External input
    IOD (CND connector): 84 This Vcco = external input
    40.4mm MIN 25.5mm
    MAX 34.2mm
    MIN 24.7mm
    MAX 46.8mm
    MIN 27.2mm
    MAX 50.6mm
    MIN 23.1mm
    • Not all I / O is LVDS compatible
    • Users are requested to consider each I / O standard based on FPGA materials.
  • 3.3V single power supply operation
    1.0V, 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V generated in board
    Power sequencer installed (when turned on )
  • RocketIO (GTP) Evaluable From
    CNA / CNB TX / RX 2ch each, total 4ch
    Reference clock: 125MHz (LVDS), external input possible (MMCX)
  • Equipped with DDR3 SDRAM
    MT41K64M16 (Micron, 1Gbit)
    Custom-made 4Gbit available
  • Configuration ROM
    MT25QL128ABA1ESE-0SIT (Micron, 128Mbit)
  • Onboard clock
    50MHz (LVTTL), 200MHz (LVDS)
    can be supplied externally
  • General purpose LED x2
  • General-purpose switch x2
    Push button x1
    DIP switch x1bit

  • Configuration to FPGA with 7-pin JTAG connector
    JTAG Buffer circuit to configuration ROM for stable download
  • Status LED: CONF_DONE (blue), POWER LED (red)
  • Equipped with a reset circuit for configuration
  • 10-layer board
  • Board dimensions: 54mm x 86mm Credit card size
  • RoHS10RoHS directive compliant