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FPGA Board with Cyclone IV E

FPGA function overview
Features of the Cyclone IV E FPGA device family
Logic Elements28,84839,600114,480
Embedded memory (Kbits)5941,1343,888
Embedded 18 x 18 multipliers66116266
General-purpose PLLsFourFourFour
Global Clock Networks202020
Maximum user I / O pins (Device)532532528
Maximum user I / O pins ( Board )296296296
For more information on FPGA overview, see the page of ALTERA Cyclone IV .

 Equipped with EP4CE30F29C8N, EP4CE40F29C8N or EP4CE115F29C8N
 Equipped with DDR2-SDRAM
  MT47H64M16HR, (Micron, 1Gbit)
  2Gb can also be installed, (Custom order)
 Equipped with serial FLASH-ROM
  M25P16 (Micron, 16Mbit)
 Equipped with configuration ROM
  EPCS Altera: 64Mbit)
■   50MHz with onboard clock external input possible  8 general-purpose LEDs 

3 general-purpose switches
  Push button switch x2
  DIP switch x1 bit
 296 I / O pins pulled out externally

■ JTAG connector
  Achieves   safe and stable access with a 10-pin socket
JTAG buffer that supports various cables such as USB Blaster
■ 2 status LEDs
 Equipped with a reset circuit for configuration
■ 3.3V single power supply operation
  Generates 2.5V, 1.8V, 1.2V in the board
■ VCCIO can be separated (tested at 3.3V at the time of manufacturing)
■ 8-layer board adopted

 I / O wiring length control

CommonWiring length (Min)33mm24mm32mm22mmB board
Wiring length (Max)59mm43mm52mm44mm
 Number of LVDS pairs
(including True-LVDS numbers)
115C8Number of LVDS pairs
(including True-LVDS numbers)
* LVDS is limited to BANK belonging to the connector that can input Vccio
* The receiving terminator cannot be mounted on the board
* For details, see the pin assignment table in the product document.

■ Board dimensions: 54mm x 86mm Credit card size RoHS compliant