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Bigtera all-flash SDS new product VirtualStor Extreme debut 2019 CES

By Bigtera
At the American Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, USA on January 8-11, 2019, Beijing Da Zhao Extreme Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Bigtera) will jointly cooperate with GIGABYTE Technology to jointly exhibit cooperation. The new storage product VirtualStorTM Extreme and solutions.

VirtualStorTM Extreme products will be paired with GIGABYTE's servers and will be the industry leader in performance and technology. General Manager of Bigtera, Mr. You Zonglin, reviewed the development history and current status of storage technology when talking about the VirtualStorTM Extreme products to the media. The development and advantages and disadvantages of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Software Composite Infrastructure (SCI) at this stage After a detailed analysis, it is said that after deep cooperation with GIGABYTE, the two parties will rely on their respective technology accumulation and joint research and development to have a sufficient grasp of product reliability and application effects. At this CES show, you will be able to see the outstanding performance of VirtualStorTM Extreme products and solutions.

Based on the technology accumulation and advantages of the parent company Huirong Technology in the underlying flash memory chip, its VirtualStorTM Extreme product is optimized and designed based on the underlying flash controller. The unique technical advantage can magnify the flash write by 7.31 times that of the industry. Greatly reduced to 1.05 times, which greatly extends the life of flash memory and expands the available available storage capacity.

The Bigtera VirtualStorTM Extreme is a 2U4 node product with an all-flash array that provides 800,000 IOPS for less than 1ms latency. Scale-out can accommodate different performance and IOPS requirements and support most of the combined infrastructure applications. At the same time, based on Bigtera's excellent software-defined storage software, VirtualStorTM Extreme products support seamless migration of data and data, greatly reducing TCO. Based on flash-based application features and custom development, VirtualStorTM Extreme products can meet the needs of high-performance computing, big data, AI, rich media and media, cloud infrastructure and other application scenarios on the market, and solve traditional IT architecture in new business applications. Pain points and difficulties in the middle.

Advantages of the VirtualStorTM Extreme product:

On-demand expansion & ultra high performance

· Guaranteed stable low delay of no more than 1ms

· Single device can provide up to 800,000 IOPS and 10GB/s bandwidth

· Support horizontal expansion, can exceed 10 million IOPS

On-demand and converged storage

· All-flash fused storage that provides both block, file, and object storage services

· Support multiple storage protocols, such as CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC, S3 object, etc.

· Support tenant/application level QoS control

Support legacy and data migration, reducing overall TCO

· Support integration of existing storage (including NAS and SAN)

· Seamlessly migrate data to ensure uninterrupted business